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Welcome to Money Saving Heaven

We are a free to use website that is passionate about saving people money whether it’s through discount voucher codes, money saving tips or sourcing the latest deals. Money Saving Heaven offers a wealth of information on a huge range of topics, all aiming to save you both time and money on everyday living expenses.

Navigating our site

Q. Where should you begin? 
A. We pride ourselves on being easy to navigate which is why we promise that every page on this website can be accessed by a maximum of two clicks of your mouse. Our site is fairly new and whilst it doesn’t exactly ooze style, rest assured that we value content over presentation. Usability is one of our main priorities which is why our website is easy to use whether you are accessing on a Mac, Windows, Android, iOS or BB10 device – we also ensure that our site is compatible with all browsers.

Our website is split up into three main sections:

Shop: Our shopping category is aimed at users that are looking to save money whilst shopping or spending money treating themselves. One of our most popular guides is our guide to saving money on the Apple iPad which is perfect for those who are unsure as to which iPad contract deal will suit them best. This guide leads on from our main ‘tablets’ category that is a great introduction for those of you who are looking to get your hands on a tablet (Android, iOS or Windows devices are all featured). Another popular guide forms a part of our mobile comparison series and looks at how you can save money when purchasing an iPhone whether you are looking for a contract iPhone or just the handset on PAYG. We also provide a detailed comparison of all the sim card offers currently provided by the major UK network providers. These sim cards are PAYG and so if you are looking for 12, 18 or 24 month contracts, we suggest reading our long contract sim only guide.

Our latest guide gives information on how you can save money on food – it’s full of some great tips that every body can do.

Banking: Our banking category is a bit bare at the moment but we are looking to fill it up with some great advice on how you can save money on credit cards, loans and ISAs. We don’t actually offer individual financial advice but simply refer you to those that can. We are akin to a directory that gives you information on the latest offers. One of our most popular banking guides is that explaining how you can change your coins into cash for free.

News: We will keep you up to date with all industry news that may affect you and the prices that you are paying. The majority of articles we write are covering developments within the mobile industry. We take our news section very seriously and hope to become an authority on technology related news.

What to look forward to:

We are looking to expand the content on the site tremendously in 2014. We are currently developing and adding sections to our knowledge base with simple to understand explanations or some really quite complex issues. For example, we tackle compound interest and discover the best way to exchange your old phones for cash.

We welcome all feedback through our contact form, particularly if any of the information written on this site is incorrect. We encourage Twitter users us to follow us @MoneySavingHvn as it has been known that we run some great competitions!

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