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Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in Mobiles | 0 comments

Apple to release Apple Wallet with iPhone 6?

Apple to release Apple Wallet with iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 rumours are beginning to heat up as we head closer to the expected release date (probably September). Although some are looking to take advantage of the best iPhone 5s deals yet, many are already looking at how they can trade in their old phone for cash. We’ve actually now created our own consolidated list of iPhone 6 rumours so you don’t waste your time reading endless blog posts (like this).

Reports that surfaced over the last week have suggested that Apple are intending to release an iWallet service with the new iPhone 6.

According to the French site, who claim to have images of the iPhone 6 logic board, the iPhone 6 will have support for NFC (Near Field Communication). Of course, despite these claims, the images they have leaked do not contain any evidence to suggest the iPhone 6 will have NFC capability, but they do confirm that the iPhone 6 will be slightly larger than the iPhone 5 and 5S. MacRumours have annotated the leaked images here.

If rumours are true however, what does it mean for Apple fanatics? It will allow users to transfer information wirelessly over a very short distance with an automatic handshake. Think Oyster cards, A.K.A. being able to pay for goods and services wirelessly and instantly. Although it may be the first use case you would think of, it’s not limited to financial transactions.

There have also been rumours that Apple is working on its equivalent of Google’s Google Wallet service. According to The Information, Apple is currently in discussions with various payment processors in the US. These rumours have been ongoing since as far back as January, so it is still speculation at this point in time.

iWallet and NFC would work hand-in-hand. Apple could allow users to to pay for goods and services simply by scanning their fingerprint using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is already available on the iPhone 5S.

Users may worry about the safety of their private data with the introduction of NFC, but these concerns will be addressed by Apple introducing a secured section in the iPhone’s hardware where financial information can be stored, along with users’ health and fingerprint data.

As of April 2014 Apple, thanks to its iTunes service, had over 800 million accounts, the majority of which had credit cards attached.


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